Tuesday, 18 December 2012

November/Decembre Favourites

Hey guys.. WOW! It’s been a longggg longgg time since I last blogged. I totally got distracted with other things in my life and I just wasn’t “feeling it”, even though I’ve had SO much I could of blogged about over the past few months I just didn’t… Mehh.. I’ve been in abit of a “Mehh” stage, but I’m OVER it!! And now ready and raring to go.
So what better way to start up with blogging again than to do a November/December favourites. 

Here goes….

First of all,, I’ve recently died my hair from ombre to PURPLE… I used the “Schwarzkopf LIVE Color XXL” in “cyber purple” I wasn’t too happy with the result, you could see the purple in very bright light but that’s it, it didn’t really make much of an impact and it faded out soo quick, lituraly in the space of a week it had all washed out. So I went back to Superdrug to find another dye, I was going to strip my whole head using the “colour B4” and then dye it purple, but my hair is in pretty bad condition at the ends because I bleached it when I went ombre. So I just decided to use a different purple dye and see how that took. I picked up the “Colour vibrance” range from Superdrug in shade “cosmic purple”. It looks like this on my hair.

I LOVE it. It’s just the colour I wanted. Not too purple but not too brown, and it kind of has a pinky tinge to it which I love.

As I was walking to the till I thought maybe I should get a new shampoo so I decided to get the get the “TRESemme Colour Revitalise shampoo”

It was £2.45 at the time so I thought it was a bargin. Ive heard that TRESemme shampoo and leave the hair feeling heavy and greasy but this isn’t the case for me. It leaves my hair feeling clean, soft, and very shiny. Ive had my new hair dye on for a week now and it’s still as bright as ever. Hopefully it will last longer using this shampoo.

My second hair favourite is the HASK Argan oil from Primark at only £2.50!!! How have I not used this before now?!?... 
My hair is thick, frizzy and dry at the ends, I hardly ever go for trims at the hairdressers, I know I know It’s really bad and I really should go get my poor hair trimmed but I HATE going to the hairdressers, they NEVER just give me a “trim” and I always walk out of the hairdressers feeling bald =( even though no one can ever tell I’ve got a trim so I hardly look bald,, but I feel it so that’s enough to put me off haha. But using this is my life saver, I use it after the shower when my hair is wet, put it all over the ends of your hair not the roots as it will weigh it down and leave it greasy. It smooth’s out my frizzy dry ends making my hair much more manageable to style and leaves it looking super shiny. It smells amazing too, it has an orange scent to it, and orange is my favourite scent. Yummy. I would 1000% recommend this to anyone, I still can’t believe I haven’t tried it sooner. I’m in LOVE. 

My next favourite is The Body Shop Chocomania Shower cream. Mmmm this is one for all you chocolate lovers out there. It’s £4 for 250ml and lasts ages it’s really creamy and gives a great foam, the smell is amazing it lasts all day on the skin and leaves it feeling super soft.

Next is a new face product I’ve been using, if you read on my previous blog I love The Body Shop Tea Tree face range, It’s my go to facial wash I know what I’m getting when it comes to tea tree and I know it won’t bother my skin. But when I ran out I didn’t have time to go into my town and re purchase it, so instead I picked up the GARNIER Fresh Essentials gel wash. 
 I was very optimistic when using this I expected my skin to break out, but surprisingly it didn’t. It cleans my skin great and hasn’t left me with awful break outs; it’s really refreshing on my skin and very calming. I would recommend this to anyone with problematic skin like mine. 

And last but not least… Sudocrem!!.
 Now I know a lot of you will already be using this secret weapon on your skin but I’ve only just discovered this. When looking at the texture of Sudocrem I get scared and back away, I just think it’s too thick and creamy to put on my skin and it will end up having a tantrum and break me out, but to my surprise that was not the case. It leaves my skin feeling soft, as soft as a baby bum I only use this on a night and on my problem areas. So if a see or feel a spot brewing ill head to this, slop it on and overnight it will have dried it out. This stuff is amazing. But I know some people may not be lucky enough to be able to use tis on their skin, it may be too creamy for your skin to handle, so if using it for the first time I would say use it sparingly. A little goes a long way. Don’t overdo it.

Thanks so much for reading guys. I’m happy to be back =D

Much love… Lynz

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