Sunday, 1 January 2012

Happy New Year!!

Just a quick blog to say HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone!! Hope you all have a fantastic year filled with happiness, good health and most of all ....LOVE =)

I’ve got a very good feeling about 2012 and I can’t wait to get it started, I didn’t do anything too exciting this new year’s but it was actually perfect, staying in with the boy lots of goodies and films was (in my eyes) a perfect way to start my new year’s.

I, like everyone will have lots and lotsss of new year’s resolutions, I won’t list them all because I’ll be here all night and you will defiantly end up falling asleep... but I will tell you my main ones which I wish to achieve.

1. Have more fun...."Life’s too short to be sitting round miserable" (as Rihanna once said haha) .. I plan on doing something fun everyday... doing something unexpected at least once a week .. Just having a good time all day every day because let’s face it life’s too short and 2011 has defiantly made me realise that.

2. Do more blogging... This has been something I've wanted to do for soooo long but I’m one of those people who put things off and end up forgetting to do things...This stops here!!! I’ll be blogging a lot so you guys better get used to me blabbing on about a load of crap =) Its actually really fun, and I hope to meet some nice new people by doing this.

3.Figure out what I want to do....I’ve just graduated from University I’ve FINALLY got my degree =D But I’m in limbo at the minute, Not too sure what path I actually want to go down, Do I listen to my head or my heart???... I’m taking this year to finally decide what I want to do. And I’m actually excited....

Then I’ve got the usual keep fit, eat healthy, and join a gym malarkey. Which I know will last all of two weeks before I cave in and stuff my face with cakes, sweets and chocolates..

What’s your New Year’s resolutions??



  1. To be more organised is my first and foremost!
    I am AWFUL at keeping on top of things!
    Lovey blog, now following :)

  2. =) Aw thank you!.. Thats a good one, I think i might use it too... I am aslo awful at being organised.