Friday, 18 January 2013

Shower/Bath Time Products I’m loving right now!...

Hey guys, hope your all well.

The weather in the UK right now is horrendous, snowy, icy, cold, wet, miserable. Typical English weather. So I’m loving nothing more than to come home after work and jump in a hot bath or shower using some of my favourite bath time products.

My favourite two face cleansers at the minute are these two bad boys.
Yes you guessed it Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish, which will always be one of my all-time favourite face essentials. I was lucky enough to receive the limited edition 150ml Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish for Christmas and four new muslin cloths. I’ve been using Liz Earle for about two years or so and the change in my skin is unbelievable as you know I’ve got problematic skin blah blah, and since using this my skin has gotten incredibly clearer, I never get spots anymore (apart from those time of the month spots that there’s no getting away from.. Thanks Mother Nature you’re far too kind)
For those of you who are having trouble with your skin at the minute I would defiantly recommend this, now I know it’s quite pricey so if you’re on a bit of a budget but still want something that will clear your sink you should head down to your local Body Shop and pick up their tee tree range. That has never failed me and it’s what I used when my skin was at a really bad stage.

My next face cleanser that I’m using right now is the Soap&Glory Peaches and Clean. 

This is a really nice cleanser to use, light weight and moisturizing and smells lovely. It’s a pleasure to use I rub it all over a damp face and I wash it off using one of my muslin cloths, although you don’t have to do this as it does not come with muslin cloths… I just choose too =).

Now let’s move on to the body scrubs... A fake tan wearer’s Holy Grail. I tend to exfoliate my body at least twice a week, sometimes more depending on how much tan I’ve got on. I use the St Moritz self-tanner and for those of you who wear fake tan you know how awful it looks when it’s time to scrub it off, patchy, flaky, and orange and YAK! These two scrubs are the best I’ve used up to now, and lord knows how many scrubs I have tried.

The first scrub is the Ted Baker Butterfly Wings Body Scrub I got this as part of a Ted Baker set for Christmas. The packaging is really cute and girly and the smell is amazing, it’s a mix of bergamot, red fruit, tuberose and patchouli… Yummm. The scrub itself is very refreshing and it leaves my skin feeling very smooth and silky and it gets rid of any dead skin and flaky tan marks which is perfect. I look for a really gritty texture when it comes to scrubs and this certainly does deliver on the grittiness.

The second and by far my favourite scrub has got to be the Soap&Glory Sugar Crush. 

I adore everything about this product; form the packaging, to the smell which makes my mouth water every time I use it, to the grittiness and moisturizing benefits. It’s infused with “smashed brown sugar & sweet lime, Almond oil & Macadamia grains”. It’s made exfoliating more fun for me, I really enjoy using this product it goes on easy, not too harsh on my skin and it gets rid of all the dead skin cells lurking around, leaving my body not only looking but smelling great.

A little defiantly goes a long way when using this product, it’s quite thick and has lovely big grains, which like I said is what I look for in a scrub… Gritty!..

My two favourite shower gels I love at the minute are... Yes you guessed it… The Soap&Glory Clean On Me shower cream.

As all Soap&Glory products the smell is amazing and it’s super moisturizing. I squirt a tiny bit of the lovely thick cream onto my Body Polishing Sponge and it gives a lovely lather it feels so luxurious on my skin leaving it smelling great for hours after.

And finally.. 

The Body Shops Strawberry Shower Gel. I’m a sucker for anything fruity, fruity and fresh are my favourite scents so it’s safe to say I’m head over heels with this shower gel. It has a lovely tangy and sweet strawberry scent; it makes me want to eat it soon as I open the lid. Its soooo nice. I use it with my Body Polishing Sponge and like the Soap&Glory I only squirt on a tiny amount, it gives a lovely foam that you would expect from a shower gel so a little goes along way. I love using it.

Thanks for reading guys, hope it was some use to you =)


Saturday, 12 January 2013

Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation

Hey Guys, here a quick review of the Rimmel London Wake Me Up foundation.

As you guys know if you’ve read some of my previous blogs my skin is really temperamental, it hates change. So I was a bit nervous and optimistic when trying out this product. I did sooo much research before buying it, reading people’s reviews and watching endless YouTube videos about the foundation. I did NOT want to get spots for just trying this product out. Any surprisingly I haven’t =D YESSSS SCORE!!! My skin loves this product just as much as I do.

I am a mineral foundation wearer, I like powders, I like matt, and hate shine. So why buy this product I hear you ask? Because I was desperate for a change!! My skin needed it, I needed it. I was sick of looking dull when wearing my bareMinerals, although I do love them and I’ve been using them for years now it was time for something new, and because of the cold weather here in the UK my skin was getting very dry while using the mineral foundation, and I did NOT want flaky skin!. 

So I headed to my local boots store and picked up the Wake Me Up foundation, which is currently on offer at £5.99…Bargain!. I chose the shade True Nude, after trying them all out on my neck; I was determined to get the right shade. There are only 6 shades to choose from which is why I hate buying drug store foundation! There’s never a colour that suites my skin, either too yellow or too pink. But True Nude seemed to be a good match so off I went and bought it. 

(I wear Medium Beige in my bareMineral foundation, so I’m a medium skin tone) 

I apply this using my Real Techniques Expert Face Brush which I adore! How I’ve gone years without using this brush is beyond me! It’s truly amazing and I’ll be doing another blog on my Real Techniques brushes very soon!!  

As I’m a powder foundation lover I was expecting to hate hate hate this. I thought there’s no way this colour will look good on my skin, there’s no way it will give me good coverage, there’s no way it will stay on my skin all day, there’s no way it will not make me look mega shiny. There’s NO way I’m going to like this!! …. But I LOVE it!!! I’m really surprised that I’ve actually FINALLY, after many years of looking and trying different products, found a foundation that not only looks fantastic on my skin, but lasts, doesn’t look too shiny, covers my imperfections and doesn’t break me out!! And I can’t believe I actually stepped out the house without using powder! It may sound silly to you lot but for me it’s a big deal haha! 

I’m mega happy that I’ve finally tried this out and I’m excited to find a lot more foundations that ill love =D

Thanks for reading.

And if you’ve used this please let me know how you got on. Or if you know of any other foundations like this that I may like to try.