Thursday, 29 December 2011

Leighton Denny.

Im on a roll tonight ladies I figured I might aswell blab on about my new love with my new Leighton Denny polishes (As you read more of my blogs you will come to love my obsession with my nails...I promise ;)
..This time last year I was intoduced to my first Leighton Denny product which was a gift set from QVC (Its the Mothers favourite channel...and sadly turning into mine) In the gift set were 8 mini polishes and two big size polishes, one "under cover" and one "crystal finish" Which i ran out off because i paint my nails an unhealthy amount of times Sooooooooo..When I opend my gift from Mother bear I let out a little scream...Yes.. an actual scream!..This is what i found.

Another gift set, this time with five big size polishes..a crystal nail file and miacle mist (Which i forgot to take out the silver bag behind ooppsss)

Ive found Leighton's polishes to be better than,,,,dare I say it,,, Nails inc (Shock, Horror) They glide across the nail beautifully with an even coverage my nail feels silky soft for days after applying.. they also feel alot stronger, which I crave for in a polish as my nails snap,chip and break very easily.

This is my new fave colour its called "Supermauva" Its a really pretty lilac that changes colour in different light conditions, it has specks of pink and green and its my new love... I personally think it makes my hand look "pretty". (Not in that picture obviously, my hand looks claw like..which is not so pretty)

I aslo though the Miracle Mist in the set was a good idea, weather it actually worked or not I didnt know. Untill today, when I was in a rush and decided to paint my nails last min before leaving for work, a few quick sprits with the mist and I was good to go. It has a nice floral scent to it aswell so no smelly nail polish hands for me =). 


  1. that is a pretty colour! very unique actually.

  2. Yeah its a lovely colour I definitely recommend it =)... Happy new year