Monday, 5 March 2012

Forever 21....

Afternoon lovely ladies... What a lovely sunny Monday this has turned out to be, Although the weather is deceiving,, burrrr its still nippy out.

To make this lovely Monday even better I’ve just had a knock at the door and it was my Forever 21 package. YAY! Very fast delivery, I ordered on Friday morning before work and here it is =D… I absolutely LOVE forever 21 but because there isn’t a store near me I’ve never actually bought any of their things, so on Friday I finally decided to bite the bullet and order something from their website.

I seriously could have spent a fortune and a whole day looking through some of their things, Great value for money and some really pretty pieces, plenty of lovely summer clothes as well which makes me veryyyy happy.
I ordered a pretty orange sheer overlay dress (I wanted the blue but there was none in my size), I then ordered two skinny belts in blue and coral, Then I got found a lovely glittery blue bangle and a set of lovely gold and blue bangles. 

Which came up to a total of…. Wait for it….. £20.51!!! … I opted for the express delivery (Just because I’m too impatient to wait) which was £4.95. 

Im yet to try the dress on. I know it looks quite short in the picture but on the model who was 5"9 it was a nice length, and im only 5"5 so fingers crossed it looks fine =)... The dress is a size small and im a 8/10 girl (For those who wanted to know the size's theres a guide on the forever 21 website) 

Well im off to try on my new things =D Yay Happy Happy.................

The next blog will  be soon i promise =) Im planning on doing a big one on all the new products ive tryed lately so that sould be fun.

Write to you soon ladies. Much Love




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    1. Heyy, Thanks for the comment and the follow. Now a new follower of yours x

  2. Forever 21 is one of my absolute fave stores, I mean, for the most part you get what you pay for but the dresses are always adorable and you can't beat their accessory prices! That dress is absolutely lovely! XO Lori

    1. The accessory prices are amazing! I coudnt believe i could buy a whole set of bangles for under £5,, Its definitely going to be my "go to" website when im wanting a bargain =D x

  3. What a beautiful coloured dress and the accessories go really well with it! I've never shopped forever21 as theres not a store near me so much check out the website :)

  4. I love the dress!!!!

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  5. The color of the dress is just drop-dead gorgeous! Danm, I wish we had Forever 21 in my country..

  6. Love the dress, its a stunning colour xxx

  7. I have a dress exactly the same color and almost same shape haha love it:)
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